The First Edition

With the Golden Rule completely broken, St. Mary's was forced to hire additional "security."  Mike Casey joined the teaching staff taking over the very disorderly 7-1 class in 1967. Anarchy died that day.

One of his many changes, in addition to corporal punishment, was tapping the creative abilities of the students.  Thus "The First Edition" was born.

Although we don't have access to many of the papers and some of the copies we have succumbed to time, we were able to find a few of the the truly original pages of The First Edition.

The Grapevine

Much changed between The First Edition and The Grapevine.  No more stencils or memiograph machines.  Typos weren't so noticeable and pictures were no longer hand drawn.  We are still in the process of assembling these publications and hope to upload all them in the near future.  Follow the link to view the tribute to Mike Casey.

 If you have any of these items, please pass them on to the Webmaster


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