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Bill LaNicca and Nora Connors

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Tony Trombino, Dennis Dowd, Ed McCormack

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Rick Boddie and Ellen LaNicca

IMG_1999.jpg (130034 bytes)

Diane Dugan and Jill Dougherty

IMG_2001.jpg (113855 bytes)

Diane Dugan and Tim McCorkle

IMG_2002.jpg (104387 bytes)

Tom Fetzer

IMG_2004.jpg (90614 bytes)

Marilyn Willems and Joan Roche

IMG_2006.jpg (58057 bytes) IMG_2009.jpg (102164 bytes)

Lynn Jennings and Paul May

IMG_2014.jpg (125630 bytes)

Mark Sakatos

I had a GREAT and exhausting weekend.  The stories of old times were amazing!!! 

IMG_2018.jpg (153366 bytes)

Debbie Stevens and Barbara Kolenik

IMG_2023.jpg (172198 bytes)

Kenny Lawrence in the playground!

IMG_2031.jpg (180987 bytes)

Some of the many man Mays - including Mom and Dad!

IMG_2024.jpg (107594 bytes)

Terry Murtagh

IMG_2025.jpg (115853 bytes)

Chris Kolenik demonstrates the old  transistor radio hold!

IMG_2029a.jpg (126645 bytes)

John McCormack and John May

IMG_2038.jpg (123100 bytes)

The picture that never would have happened 35 years ago!!!!

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