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Tim McCorkle & Mary Ellen Dipetto

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Jim Gregorski

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Rick Boddie & Jim Gregorski

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Kenny Lawrence and Debbie Dugan


My memories of St. Mary's and all the great people I met there will stay with me forever.  As I sat there Sunday, looking at all of you, I realized something that I guess I've known all along.  You were my family, and I'll treasure that always . . .  

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Bob & Sharon Gull

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Wendy Bonczek & Ellen LaNicca




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Vinny Lucarelli (80), Paula Lucarelli (74) Vinny's wife Chris,  Cheryl (Stevens), Rob Stevens (73), Walter Kryzminski, and crouching in front Danny Portela's (72) wife Chris.



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Bob Gull and Walter Noonan




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Ellen Lanicca and Bill Bruderman

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Christina Brucia, Nora Connors . . .


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Vicky Lynch & Deirdre Downey (and Jane Vaughn!)

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