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Tim McCorkle, Debbie Stevens, Diane Dugan & Rick Boddie

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Rick Boddie & Vicky Lynch

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Peter Dominguez, Carlyn Oppedisano, Debbie Stevens, Barbara Kolenik, Linda Dellavecchia, and Mary Ellen Wenk


I really had a great time reliving my youth and renewing old friendships. I heard so many stories that I had forgotten about and they would have been lost forever for me. I really felt like a kid again and that feels great at our age! . . . It was a fun and exhausting weekend. 


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Walter (Stevens), Peter Dominguez, Debbie Stevens & Carlyn Oppedisano

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Remember the 35 cent lunches!

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Mary Ellen, Patty and Nancy Dipetto

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Valerie Beste and her Dad's worst nightmare!

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