Reunion and Class Information

Reunion and Class Information

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   St. Mary's Elementary School - Roslyn, NY    


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2004 Reunion Pictures

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Class of 1969 [8-1]

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Check out the following Class and  Graduation Pictures

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 Class of 1970 Reunion Pictures     Band - 1969

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Class of 1969 Graduation - Audio I

Class of 1969 Graduation - Audio II

 History of the Church of St. Mary's 

  • Please be sure to e-mail copies of any pictures that you may have taken.  They will be added, when time permits, to the website and ultimately included in a compilation CD/DVD



Mike Casey, after an extended illness, passed away on September 23, 2006.  Mike came to St. Mary's in 1969 and stayed a lifetime. 

Mr. Casey, you leave behind a space that will be impossible to fill.  For the hours and the years and the loving interest, "Thank you" just isn't enough.   We'll always cherish those wonderful memories that you've put into our hearts.

                                                                          Vicky Lynch  '71










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Class of '69


 Graduation - Audio I


Audio II